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IGBT Modules   Disc Thyristors and diodes
Thyristor and diode modules   Discrete Power devices
Light Triggered Thyristors   Integrated Power Devices  
DC Filter   Snubber   Smoothing   Commutation
Storage   Pulse   Discharge   Coupling
Clamping   EMI filter   Damping    
Fuses   Varistors   Discharge
S.I.R. Power resistors   Shunts
CT Concept   Avago
About us

EFO Ltd has established the Power Electronics department with the main goal of becoming the best source of power electronic components for Russian industrial customers.

Based on 15 years' distribution experience in most support-intensive areas such as programmable logic, microcontrollers, telecom or wireless communications, EFO is able now to invest resources in developing this prospective market.

With the additional focus provided by dedicated department, EFO is able to offer additional products and services to numerous existing customers dealing with motor control, industrial automation, electric traction, power supplies, welding equipment, HVAC, etc. Also the target is to develop new customers in areas of energy production, distribution, conversion and saving.

With EFO's experienced sales and engineering staff, reliable logistics and excellent geographical coverage we are sure of bringing valuable contribution to our customers and suppliers in Power Electronics area.

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