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EFO Ltd. is a company of Marvel Group of Companies.

EFO Ltd. has been distributing electronic components in Russian market since 1991. At present EFO Ltd. has official distributorship and partnership agreements with many manufactures worldwide : Accord, Altera, Arch, Atmel, Avago Technologies, Befact, Bothhand, Cypress, Ember, FTDI, Golledge, IAR Systems, ICW, IDT, Infineon Technologies, Kemet, Lantiq, Locosys, Maxwell Technologies, Methode Electronics, Motorola, MultiTech, National Semiconductor, OKW, Panasonic Electric Works, Phoenix Contact, Sencera, Silicon Labs, TE Connectivity, Telegesis, Texas Instruments, Vicor, VIPA, WIZnet and others companies. We have close business relationships with large European and US wholesale companies like EBV/Avnet, Spoerle/Arrow etc.

EFO specializes in supply of semiconductors (PLDs, MCUs, memories, discrete semiconductor devices etc.), fiber optics components, factory automation systems and components, machine control systems, wireless solutions. Wide range of supplied components is the result of the company's marketing strategy to provide full range of necessary components for large and middle-sized Russian manufactures.

EFO Ltd has established the Power Electronics department in 2009 to provide dedicated products and support to numerous Russian customers dealing with motor control, electric traction, energy generation and handling, industrial automation, power supplies, inductive heating, etc. With 15-years experience in support-intensive areas such as programmable logic, microcontrollers, telecom or wireless communications, EFO's approach is a perfect fit also to complicated power electronics solutions. Supported products include power semiconductors (IGBT, MOSFET and bipolar products), capacitors, IGBT drivers, busbars, resistors, cooling systems, fuses, transformers and chokes, high power switches. EFO's dedicated web site on power electronics is www.efo-power.ru.

We target to develop new customers in energy production, distribution, conversion and saving segments as well.

We take an active part in exhibitions, provide well-considered advertising campaigns and publish technical articles in specialized Russian editions devoted to electronic components. From the very first days when we started to promote the leading electronic manufactures' products in the Russian market, EFO has been maintaining competent and qualified technical support. The company issues technical documentation and specialized literature in Russian, distributes original manufacturers' printed materials, arranges overview and specialized technical seminars. News from suppliers, product reference materials, articles and technical overviews written by our specialists in Russian can be found on our web sites www.efo.ru, www.mymcu.ru, www.altera.ru, www.powel.ru, www.korpusa.ru, www.wless.ru, www.efo-power.ru and www.infiber.ru.

We help our customers to choose components in accordance with their specification lists and provide further technical support for acquired items. In cooperation with some Moscow and St.Petersburg universities EFO has organized several specialized Training and Technical Support Centres for our customers: Altera products based digital systems training and computer-aided design centres; Panasonic Electric Works products technical support centre; CSoC technical support centre.

We have our own warehouse located in St.Petersburg and support e-shop and online access to our stock on web site www.efo.ru.

High level of customer service requires qualified staff. We have 115 employees, and 12 of them are Ph.D. EFO offers to employees all possibilities to improve their qualification and covers their training expenses under different educational programs as well as in brand international trainings.

In August 2003 EFO Ltd. has become an ISO 9001 certificated company. The certificate confirms that quality management system is applied to distribution of electronic components, industrial automation systems, wireless solutions and fiber optic components and complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. EFO company has IQNet certificate as well.

EFO Ltd. successfully co-operates with numerous Russian companies which produce telecommunication and bank equipment, measurement and control systems, medical apparatus and automotive electronics, safety and security technics.

EFO's headquarters is located in St.Petersburg and we have Branch offices in Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Perm and Nizhny Novgorod.

EFO Ltd. is open for co-operation. We seek new partners and vendors worldwide. We offer our most devoted experience in market investigation, advertising campaign and promotion activities related to new high-end products for the fast growing Russian market.

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